Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Professional Indemnity: Insured Persons

The premium payment for professional indemnity is independent of the company legal form (freelancer, Ltd.) or the number of employees.

The following people are automatically insured:

  • Members of the policyholder’s management
  • Salaried employees, trainees, volunteers and interns, working students
  • Freelance workers (natural persons) insofar as they work in the name of and on behalf of the insured person
  • Voluntary helpers and marginal part-time employees
  • Shareholders, limited partners, supervisory boards and advisory boards, insofar as they carry out an insured activity in the name of and on behalf of the policyholder
  • Employees of temporary employment agencies integrated into the company
  • Subsidiaries, branches and offices in Germany and the European Economic Area (including Great Britain and Northern Ireland)


Insurance coverage also exists if you hire subcontractors for certain activities.

However, the subcontractor’s personal liability is not insured. That means the insurer has the option of taking recourse against the subcontractor after the claim has been settled.

Activities of the Manager Outside the Company

Insurance coverage also exists for insured activities that are carried out by the managing director(s) of the company as a co-insured person in their own name outside the company.