Indemnity Insurance for Project Managers from Estonia

As a project manager, you get projects on the right track. But what if something goes wrong during implementation and mistakes happen - to the detriment of your customer? If you cause damages, your client can hold you personally liable as a freelancer or sole proprietor. Indemnity Insurance for Estonian Project Managers covers you against this professional risk.
Professional Indemnity Insurance for Project Managers - A Better Way to do General and Personal Liability Insurance
from € 133,10 net p.a.

Typical Risks for a Project Manager:

  • Mistakes in the definition, planning, implementation, control or completion of a project
  • Inadequate integration management, content and scope management, schedule management, cost management
  • Incorrect planning and control of test processes
  • Inadequate implementation of reviews
  • Errors in the performance of audits, such as when evaluating processes


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All-round Coverage - with Professional Indemnity Insurance

Complete Protection

Open coverage - everything that is not excluded is insured

Privacy and Cyber Damages

Cyber damage can be insured as an option

Infringements of Rights

Protect yourself against legal risks like copyright infringements

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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
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Indemnity Insurance Seal for your Principals

  • Individual and comprehensive insurance protection
  • High coverage sums for financial losses
  • No-claims evidence going back five years

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  • Talk to a real person - no call centre!
  • We know what your daily worklife is like, meaning we know what you need
  • Our insurance conditions are tailored to your business
  • We handle your damages immediately
  • We make sure that your insured damage event is also resolved!
  • We also insure against unusual risks (e.g. contract liability, contract penalties)

About Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions


All-round Protection

The Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions via insures the professional risks of management consultants, interim managers and trainers from Estonia.

It includes property damage liability insurance and business and general liability insurance and can optionally be expanded with First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC).

Open coverage protects all legal risks that have not been explicitly excluded.

Consultant Indemnity Insurance - A Better Way to do General and Personal Liability Insurance
from € 133,10 net p.a.

Reviews for

When I received the email from you that the settlement and transfer of compensation had been handled, I couldn’t believe it. It had been less than 40 hours after my claim. And 40 hours after that, the money was actually in my account. Your service is incredibly good and fast. Thank you and the HISCOX team for your professionalism.
Andre Peters, Owner
Andre Peters • Media Consulting, exali customer since 2011
Thank you for handling my belated request to change the contract (partial termination). This tells me I made the right choice with exali as a partner for my insurance matters. Insurance is a matter of trust, and I trust exali.
Dierk Söllner, consultant, trainer and coach for IT service management and agile organisational development
Dierk Söllner, exali customer since 2011
After I decided to start my own business as a technical and scientific consultant, I began looking for suitable financial loss liability insurance. I found that most companies only offer “tailor-made” solutions for architects / engineers, doctors / health professionals and lawyers.
With Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions, you have closed a real gap in the market. The exali homepage is clear and provides all the important information on conditions and premiums. After visiting the site for the first time, the only questions that remained unanswered were specifically related to the nature and scope of my work. These points were clarified quickly, and concluding the contract online was quick and uncomplicated. Thank you again for the great, fast service.
Dr. Robert Otto
Dr. R. Otto - Consulting VT, exali customer since 2012

Indemnity Insurance for Estonian Project Managers

Project Manager Indemnity Insurance - A Better Way to do General and Personal Liability Insurance

The job of a project manager in Estonia is just as diverse as the areas they work in. Whether you work in industry, media or the healthcare sector – as a project manager you plan, manage and oversee projects. But even the best experts make mistakes. And the tiniest oversight can cause expensive damages for your client which they can held you personally responsible for. Indemnity Insurance for Project Managers insures these risks for you.


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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Estonian Project Managers

With Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions for Project Managers from Estonia, gives you ideal, modern insurance protection. Get reliable insurance coverage and protect yourself against occupational hazards with our Financial Losses Indemnity and General Liability insurance modules.

Financial Loss Indemnity Module for Project Managers

Mistakes in project management often lead to financial losses. Financial Loss Indemnity is a standard module in our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Project Managers and protects you in the event that a third party suffers financial losses and you are at fault. This insurance kicks in if you should ever receive claims for damages because you made a mistake in cost management, a project runs over budget or deadlines can’t be met, for example. In addition, the insurer also takes responsibility for rejecting unjustified claims and bears the costs for lawyers, experts and courts (passive legal expenses insurance) etc.

General Liability Module for Project Managers

As part of your work as a project manager from Estonia, personal injuries and property damage can also occur and lead to consequential losses. This might be damage caused to rented premises or property belonging to others, or perhaps you lose a customer’s key or you are managing a product in your project and it fails to fulfil the properties you assured. The General Liability for Project Managers module protects you against these damages. Professional Indemnity Insurance offers you the best possible protection against project management risks. Calculate your personal premium online now at