Indemnity Insurance for IT Service Providers in Hungary

As an IT service provider in Hungary, your clients present you with new challenges every day. Even the most experienced experts can make mistakes now and then. Which really puts your customer relationship to the test, even if you’ve been cultivating it for years. If you ever find yourself being held liable because of a service or contractually agreed Service Level Agreements, exali’s Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions offers you reliable protection.
Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Service Providers - A Better Way to do General Liability Insurance
from € 133,10 net p.a.

Examples of Damages We Typically Insure:

  • Damages caused by network outages
  • Damages caused by incorrect IT consulting
  • Damages caused by business interruptions suffered by your customers
  • Damages caused during hardware or software maintenance
  • Damages caused by inadequate internet provider services
  • Damages caused by infringements of Service Level Agreements
  • Damages caused by incorrect data capture
  • Damages caused by viruses, worms and Trojans

All-round Coverage - with Professional Indemnity Insurance in Hungary

Complete Protection

Open coverage - everything that is not excluded is insured

First-party Cyber Insurance

Cyber damages and data losses can also be insured as an optional extra

Infringements of Rights

Protect yourself against legal risks like breaches of copyright

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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
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exali Liability Seal

Indemnity Insurance Seal for your Principals

  • Individual and comprehensive insurance protection
  • High coverage sums for financial losses
  • No-claims evidence going back five years

 Why Choose

  • Get in touch with us by phone any time - with no call centre!
  • We know what your daily worklife is like, meaning we know what you need
  • We’ve developed policy wordings tailored to suit your business
  • We handle your damages immediately
  • We make sure that your insured damage event is also resolved!
  • We also insure against unusual risks (e.g. contract liability, contract penalties)

About Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions in Hungary


All-round Protection Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions combines general liability or professional indemnity insurance, and financial loss indemnity insurance modules with protection against consequential losses.

Open coverage is particularly important for project-based work.

This insures you against all programmer risks, so there’s no need to name them all in an exhaustive list.

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IT Service Providers Indemnity Insurance - A Better Way to do General Liability Insurance
from € 133,10 net p.a.

Reviews for

[...] We were looking around for general liability insurance last week and were so unsure of ourselves that we ended up with the old “bog standard insurance”, poring over 92-page PDFs and dealing with completely clueless insurance agents. We’d pretty much given up until Google led us to exali [...]
Suddenly, everything was a breeze. The follow-up call with their customer service team, in particular, helped us get a clearer picture and it was a breath of fresh air talking to somebody who, first of all, understands our industry and knows the insurance jungle, and on top of that can explain everything to us in simple terms. Fantastic. 20 minutes later we had all the insurance we needed and left feeling good. Crazy. Thank you so much!
Harry Keller, Co-founder, exali customer since 2016
Excellent service! I insured an SaaS IT online start-up. At Exali, no expense or effort is spared when it comes to advising even small IT companies and start-ups so comprehensively that - even for critical types like myself - they really don’t let any question go unanswered. It didn't matter that I was just a prospective client and not yet a paying customer.
I had a consultation with Mr Leichter who spent almost an hour patiently and very competently dispelling all my concerns that a non-lawyer might have after reading through the extensive contract documents. My impression: for me as a start-up, the service you get with the Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions doesn’t compare, and I’ve rarely been looked after so well.
Peter D., Owner, exali customer since 2017
Dear Mr Galla, Being able to rely on your insurance in case of damages is truly wonderful. My experience in this area had not been all that good to this point.
But exali showed me that not all insurance companies are like that. I will definitely recommend this insurance product to others.
Daniel Lemmerz
ADL, exali customer since 2010

Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Service Providers in Hungary


If you work as a Hungarian freelancer in the IT industry, there is no limit on your liability for professional mistakes which you will have to cover with your own private assets. Because of the legal situation, terms and conditions can only limit liability for certain cases, such as slight negligence, but cannot exclude it completely. In the IT industry in particular, however, even small oversights or legal errors can lead to expensive damages or consequential losses. Worst-case scenario: your very professional existence could be at risk. Special Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions protects you against these liability risks. Professional Indemnity for Digital professions covers you in three ways, by insuring you against pure financial losses, personal injuries and property damage, and consequential losses arising from such incidents. As an Hungarian IT service provider, traditional general and personal liability insurance does not usually give you sufficient coverage of these risks because your customers’ costly financial losses, such as losses caused by business interruptions, are not insured even remotely adequately.

The IT service sector is diverse: Regardless of whether you work in IT consulting in Szeged, system integration, individual software development, training, maintenance or outsourcing in Budapest, Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) for Digital Professions from offers you the right protection at a reasonable price.

We achieve this in several ways, not least of all with the modular structure of our Professional Indemnity Insurance. Choose freely from financial loss indemnity insurance or general liability insurance (incl. product liability insurance) modules, plus optional add-on services like First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC) to create your own personal level of protection.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Service Providers

With the Open Coverage in Our Policy Wordings, You’re Insured Against the Following Activities and More:

  • Software and hardware manufacture and commerce
  • Implementing software and hardware
  • Repair, maintenance, modification of software and hardware
  • IT-specific consulting, training, analysis activities
  • Planning, setting up and organising networks
  • Provider services: e.g. cloud computing, SaaS
  • Internet, intranet and online services: e.g. domain services, web design, SEO, SEM


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Financial Loss Liability Insurance for IT Service Providers in Hungary

Business interruptions and system failures often result in high costs for your customer. Damages arising from software and hardware errors, as well as data losses, can also be costly. In insurance jargon, these damages are referred to as (purely) financial losses. With Financial Loss Indemnity Insurance for IT Service Providers, Hungarian freelancers get the best possible protection against the sort of purely financial losses that are typical for the world of IT.

General Liability Insurance for IT Service Providers in Hungary

If you also want to insure against personal injuries and property damage, in addition to the risks posed by financial losses, then General Liability Insurance for Digital Professions from is the right choice for you. With this insurance concept, you can reduce the risks posed to your business by personal injuries and property damage, as well as the resulting consequential losses, to a bearable minimum: no matter whether claims are brought against you because of your service, on-site damages at your customer’s premises, or during a business trip.