Professional Indemnity for SAP Developers in Hungary

With indemnity insurance, your professional risk as an independent SAP developer in Hungary becomes something you can keep a handle on. Your day-to-day work includes the modification and further development of SAP programs, individually tailored to the needs of your customers. Programming errors, update and version errors or incorrect advice can lead to expensive damage. And this can quickly turn into a financial nightmare for you as a freelancer. With Professional Indemnity Insurance for SAP Developers and SAP Consultants from Hungary, you receive excellent protection against customer damages or first party claims.
Professional Indemnity for SAP Developers
from € 133,10 net p.a.

Optimal Insurance for SAP Developers and Consultants from Hungary

  • Immediate insurance coverage
  • Protects against unjustified damage compensation claims
  • Insured against incorrect software implementation at the customer
  • Protection in the event of claims for compensation due to incorrect advice
  • Global and comprehensive protection against professional risks
  • Property damage and personal injury on site are covered
  • Super-fast expert help in case of damages
Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
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Indemnity Insurance Seal for your Principals

  • Individual and comprehensive insurance protection
  • High coverage sums for financial losses
  • No-claims evidence going back five years’s Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions gives SAP developers from Hungary the best possible protection. In the event of a damage event, the insurer handles everything – from the examination of the claims, to defence, to payment of damages.

Protect Against Financial Losses

If you, as an SAP developer, make a mistake while modifying software or providing advice, this can quickly lead to claims for damages that could threaten the existence of your company. With Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions, financial losses suffered by third parties, are completely covered.

Office and General Liability

The office and professional indemnity insurance integrated into your General Liability Insurance also protects you against claims regarding property damage and personal injury that you cause in the course of your professional activity. For example, if you trigger a short circuit in your customer’s server room and thereby damage their hardware, this damage is covered.

Protecting Against Liability Claims

Are you being held responsible for damage that you did not cause? The insurer defends against unjustified claims against you as part of passive legal protection. All necessary extrajudicial and judicial costs are covered by the insurer.

Individual Cyber Protection

Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions also covers certain first party claims. The optional First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC) includes coverage for hacker attacks and data loss. The insurer bears the costs for IT forensic experts, for the use of third-party IT systems and for specialised lawyers.

Why choose

  • Talk to a real person - no call centre!
  • We know what your daily worklife is like, meaning we know what you need
  • Our insurance conditions are tailored to your business
  • We handle your damages immediately
  • We make sure that your insured damage event is also resolved!
  • We also insure against unusual risks (e.g. contract liability, contract penalties)

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SAP Developer and Consultant in Hungary: Comprehensive Insurance for Occupational Risks

Do you also offer consulting or training services alongside your programming work? With Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions in Hungary, all liability risks arising from your professional activities are covered unless explicitly excluded. This allows you to easily expand your field of activity and insure your various services with Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions - thanks to open professional coverage.

Protection against infringements of rights and violations: Your own website is of course also insured. If, for example, you receive a notice because of copyright or license infringements or if you are held responsible for some other legal violation, the insurer takes over the outstanding claims or defends against them (passive legal protection).

SAP Developer Insurance - the better Professional Indemnity

Reviews for

[...] We were looking around for general liability insurance last week and were so unsure of ourselves that we ended up with the old “bog standard insurance”, poring over 92-page PDFs and dealing with completely clueless insurance agents. We’d pretty much given up until Google led us to exali [...]
Suddenly, everything was a breeze. The follow-up call with their customer service team, in particular, helped us get a clearer picture and it was a breath of fresh air talking to somebody who, first of all, understands our industry and knows the insurance jungle, and on top of that can explain everything to us in simple terms. Fantastic. 20 minutes later we had all the insurance we needed and left feeling good. Crazy. Thank you so much!
Harry Keller, Co-founder, exali customer since 2016
Excellent service! I insured an SaaS IT online start-up. At Exali, no expense or effort is spared when it comes to advising even small IT companies and start-ups so comprehensively that - even for critical types like myself - they really don’t let any question go unanswered. It didn't matter that I was just a prospective client and not yet a paying customer.
I had a consultation with Mr Leichter who spent almost an hour patiently and very competently dispelling all my concerns that a non-lawyer might have after reading through the extensive contract documents. My impression: for me as a start-up, the service you get with the Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions doesn’t compare, and I’ve rarely been looked after so well.
Peter D., Owner, exali customer since 2017
Dear Mr Galla, Being able to rely on your insurance in case of damages is truly wonderful. My experience in this area had not been all that good to this point.
But exali showed me that not all insurance companies are like that. I will definitely recommend this insurance product to others.
Daniel Lemmerz
ADL, exali customer since 2010

Typical Liability Risks as a SAP Developer and Consultant in Hungary

A brief moment of inattention can quickly lead to extensive damage. If that actually occurs, the team of experts will take care of the processing of your damage event.

Professional Indemnity for SAP Developers
  • You make a mistake in a process analysis for your customer. As a result, you give them incorrect advice regarding the acquisition of new SAP applications. The customer demands that you refund the additional costs incurred.
  • You are installing an SAP system for a new customer in Budapest and are responsible for data backup as part of this. Important customer data is lost during the integration. An expensive IT specialist has to be hired to recover the data. The customer invoices you for the costs.
  • You forget to activate the automatic update function for a customer in Szeged. Due to the lack of software updates, your customer is using an outdated SAP version and is the victim of a hacker attack. They suffer a great deal of financial damage and claim you are liable.
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