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Imprint and Preliminary Information on exali AG

Information According to Art. 11 VersVermV (German Insurance Broker Regulation)
and Art. 5 TMG (German Telemedia Act)

1. Name

exali AG - The insurance portal for service providers and freelance professions

2. Company Address and Information

Franz-Kobinger-Str. 9
86157 Augsburg 

Tel.: +49 (0) 821 80 99 46-0
Fax: +49 (0) 821 80 99 46-29

E-mail: info@exali.com
Website: www.exali.com

Supervisory Board
Dirk Czaya (Chair)

Executive Board
Ralph Günther (Chair/CEO), Alexander Schmid (CTO)

Registration court District Court Augsburg
HRB no.  34272

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)  391200AB9HT2LQBJKH32

Tax office Augsburg

Responsible for Content According to Art. 55(2) RStV (German Interstate Broadcasting Agreement) 
Ralph Günther

3. Type of Activity

Insurance broker according to Art. 93 HGB (German Commercial Code) licensed according to Art. 34d(1) GewO (German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act), issued by the Munich and Upper Bavaria Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Max-Josef-Straße 2, 80333 Munich, www.muenchen.ihk.de

In Denmark, Finland and Sweden exali AG acts as a tied agent for Markel Insurance SE. 

4. Joint Registration Office According to Art. 11a(1) GewO (German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act)

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag)
Breite Strasse 29
10178 Berlin
Tel.: 0-180-500 585-0
(€ 0,20/min from a German landline, calls from mobile phones up to € 0,60/min)
View registration: www.vermittlerregister.info

5./6. Disclosure of Direct or Indirect Participations of More than 10% in Insurance Companies or of Insurance Companies in the Capital of the Insurance Broker of more than 10%

exali AG does not hold any direct or indirect participations of more than ten per cent in the voting rights or capital of an insurance company.
Markel Holdings GmbH, with registered office in Munich, which is part of the Markel insurance company, holds a direct participation of more than ten percent in the share capital of exali AG.

7. Addresses of the Arbitration Board

In the event of disputes between insurance brokers and policyholders, the following arbitration board can be convened:

Arbitration board for commercial insurance, investment and credit brokerage (Schlichtungsstelle für gewerbliche Versicherungs-, Anlage- und Kreditvermittlung), Glockengießerwall 2,
20095 Hamburg

Presentation of complaint options on country portals of exali AG in which the IDD or VersVermR applies

Principles for complaints management

Trust, openness and partnership are fundamental values for exali AG and have top priority. The focus is on ongoing optimisation of quality and therefore on maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that customers are not completely satisfied with the service provided by exali AG or its employees. We have therefore set up a complaints management system.

Transparency towards our customers is very important to exali AG. In order to make it clear to customers how we deal with complaints and the associated process flow, the company has set up a complaints management system for customers and appointed responsible complaints managers.

Note: Complaints management is distinct from claims handling and simple requests for performance, information or clarification.

Who can lodge a complaint?

All customers and potential customers (e.g. individuals, organisations or companies) for whom exali AG provides or initiates insurance services can lodge a complaint as a complainant.

How can you lodge a complaint?

Complaints can be submitted in the following ways:

  1. Electronically by email: complaints@exali.com
  2. Classically by post to:

exali AG
Department of Complaints Management
Franz-Kobinger-Str. 9
86157 Augsburg

Please select the way you prefer to communicate your complaint to exali AG.

What information and details should the complaint contain?

We ask the complainant to provide the following information so that a complaint can be processed by exali AG in the best possible way:

  • Full contact details of the complainant
  • Specific description of the respective facts
  • Formulation of the request or indication of what is to be achieved with the complaint
  • (e.g. fixing bugs, improving services or product descriptions, resolving a disagreement)
  • If available: Copies of the documents necessary to understand the process
  • If the complainant contacts exali AG in the name and on behalf of another person, proof of this person’s representation authorisation (so-called authorised complainant)

How does exali AG handle customer complaints?

  • Complaints management in customer service at exali AG responsible for processing complaints.

  • The complainant will receive written confirmation of receipt of the complaint from the complaints office (Complaints Management) within receipt of the customer complaint.

  • Depending on the complexity of the complaint, an answer will be given within a reasonable period of time after confirmation of receipt of the complaint.

How does exali AG treat customer data?

  • The customer data transmitted to exali AG with the complaint will be treated confidentially in accordance with the legal regulations and will only be used to process the complaint in our company.
  • The documents made available to us by the customer must be kept for five years, subject to different legal requirements.

Participation in out-of-court arbitration proceedings for commercial insurance brokers or tied agents

exali AG takes part in out-of-court dispute resolution procedures for commercial insurance, investment and credit brokerage.

In the event of disputes between insurance brokers (respectively tied agents) and policyholders, the following arbitration board can be contacted:

  • Arbitration board for commercial
  • insurance, investment and credit brokerage
  • Glockengiesserwall 2
  • 20095 Hamburg

Download preliminary information as PDF:  Preliminary information according to the Insurance Broker Regulation

8. Professional Regulations

GewO (German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act) - https://bundesrecht.juris.de/gewo/
VersVermV (German Insurance Broker Regulation) - https://bundesrecht.juris.de/versvermv/
VVG (German Insurance Contract Act) - https://bundesrecht.juris.de/vvg_2008/
VAG (German Insurance Supervisory Act) - https://bundesrecht.juris.de/vag/

9. Liability Notice

Despite careful review, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The operators of the linked pages alone are responsible for their content.

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