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As a freelancer, you are professionally independent and enjoy a lot of freedom in structuring your working conditions. However, freelance work also entails responsibilities and duties. Even a small professional mistake or an oversight can cause major damage to a customer or principal, for which you will then be made liable with your private assets.

The freelancer insurances on offer extensive protection and the optimal insured sum for financial loss as well as personal injuries and property damage. Freelancers and, if necessary, their employees, are insured comprehensively and professionally supported in a damage event via the liability concept. So secure your professional existence comprehensively with an insurance for freelancers from


What is Freelancer Insurance?

Freelancer insurance is an indemnity insurance that insures financial loss, personal injuries and property damage. The legislature does not provide for a general limitation of liability or even an exclusion of liability for freelancers, which is why you become liable with your private assets in a serious scenario. In a damage event, there is not only the risk of compensation payments, but also of costs for experts, lawyers, court attendance expenses and many other costs related to the damage caused. In modern freelance professions, this often results in financial damage (so-called financial losses). Freelancers should cover this damage with a sufficiently high sum insured to be protected against personal financial loss.

The freelancer insurance from protects you reliably, because we offer insurance concepts specially tailored to the requirements of individual professional groups and industries.

Which Insurances Do Freelancers Need?

Since freelancers work independently like the self-employed, do not have a permanent employer and are therefore not privileged in terms of liability like salaried employees or are also insured by the principal, they have to protect themselves. offers freelancers from different industries comprehensive insurance protection that is tailored to individual requirements. So that all topics are covered and you can carry out your service without worrying, with the freelancer insurance you receive a concept that covers all important risks via relevant insurance modules.

These are:

  • Financial Loss Indemnity Insurance: According to an internal evaluation by, freelancers suffer financial damage (financial loss) in over 90 per cent of damage events. These risks are covered by what is known as financial loss liability, which is already included in's basic coverage.
  • General Liability Insurance: In the basic protection, also offers protection against personal injuries and property damage caused by operational risks. This damage can occur, for example, through the service rendered itself, at customer appointments, business trips or while attending a trade fair.
Which insurances do freelancers need?

In addition to the basic protection, offers an optional add-on module through which the scope of coverage of the freelancer insurance can be individually adapted to the respective activity of the freelancer.

IT and Engineering
(e.g. programmer, software developer, system administrator)
IT and Engineering
Media and Creative
(e.g. media agencies, graphic designers)
Media and Creative
(e.g. business consultants, data protection officers)
Other Service Professions
(e.g. experts, accountants, virtual assistants and personal trainers)
Other Service Professions

What Risks does Freelancer Insurance Protect Against?


Freelancer insurance provides you with comprehensive protection against financial loss as well as personal injuries and property damage that you inflict on third parties (e.g. customers or principals) in your business. The insurer also takes on a reviewing function to determine whether the alleged claims are justified. If this is not the case, the insurer will bear the costs of defending against unjustified claims for damages (e.g. lawyer, expert and court attendance expenses). In these cases, freelancer insurance works like legal protection insurance. This is why this service component is also called ‘passive legal expenses insurance’.

The causes of damage events are as diverse as the risks that freelancer insurance protects you from. Often these risks arise due to an oversight, human error, unforeseen circumstances, and an unfortunate chain of events. Damage events do not only occur during active work. Damage also occurs in consulting if, for example, crucial information is not taken into account.

Freelancer insurance benefits

These errors are of course insured, as well as for example:

  • general consulting mistakes
  • missing a deadline
  • programming error
  • infringements of rights
  • evaluation errors
  • instruction errors
  • analysis errors
  • calculation errors
  • measurement error
  • mix-ups
  • loss

Quick Facts about Freelancer Insurance


Who is the Insurance for?

Insurance makes sense for every freelancer whose services can lead to financial disadvantages or other damage for a customer or principal. Above all, this includes jobs related to digitization, the Internet and services in general. Professional mistakes and oversights quickly lead to enormous financial damage in the modern digital world. The freelancer insurance from therefore combines the advantages of financial loss liability with those of occupational and general liability and thus enables comprehensive insurance coverage.

Passive Legal Expenses Insurance

The freelancer insurance also legally protects the insured against possible claims for damages. While a pure legal protection insurance actively supports the enforcement of the claims, the passive legal protection of the freelancer insurance fends off unlawful claims. The claims for damages are thoroughly reviewed and the costs incurred, for example for lawyers, experts and courts, are covered. With this passive legal expenses protection you are optimally insured in all situations with

Coverage for All Types of Damage

With the basic coverage, the freelancer insurance covers both pure financial loss, as well as personal injuries and property damage through the combination of financial loss liability and general liability insurance. The choice of an optional add-on module also allows you to expand the insurance coverage, for example by including certain first-party damage insurances such the First-party Claims Insurance for Cyber and Data Risks. We would be happy to advise you personally in order to find the right bespoke protection for you.

Deductible Amount

The amount of the deductible (also called excess) in the freelance liability insurance depends on the industry in which you work. The average deductible is 250 euros per damage event. As a rule, no excess is payable for personal injuries. The deductible is shown transparently in the premium calculator on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

In principle, a liability insurance is strongly recommended, even if you try to exclude liability in your contracts by means of general terms and conditions. The background to this is that, according to the law, it is generally not possible to exclude certain liability risks. This includes, for example, so-called cardinal obligations that are necessary to fulfil the contract, such as the functioning or usability of software. In a damage event, such terms and conditions can be declared ineffective and you, as a freelancer, have to expect the legally prescribed, unlimited liability again. For all-round protection, provides you with freelancer insurance that includes property damage liability as well as business and General Liability Insurance. Personal injuries and property damage as well as financial loss are comprehensively covered.