Professional Indemnity Insurance for Accountants from Croatia

Continuous bookkeeping work, payroll accounting and wage tax notifications, plus financial accounting: few professions involve working with such a high amount of sensitive data on a daily basis as payroll and financial accounting. That’s why Croatian accountants and assistant accountants also bear a particularly high risk of liability – regardless of whether they are self-employed or freelance.
Professional Indemnity Insurance for Experts - A better way to do general liability insurance
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The Best Possible Protection with Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions

  • Errors in wage and salary payments
  • Protection in case of data input errors
  • Protection in case of accounting errors (including missed deadlines)
  • Comprehensive insurance concepts for your business
  • insurance coverage in real time
  • Personal support from our team of experts


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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
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Indemnity Insurance Seal for your Principals

  • Individual and comprehensive insurance protection
  • High coverage sums for financial losses
  • No-claims evidence going back five years’s Professional Indemnity Insurance is the ideal protection for accountants. In the event of damages, the insurer handles everything – from examination of claims to payment of damages.

Protection for Accountants

Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions is specifically tailored to your Croatian business. Financial accountants benefit not only from comprehensive coverage for their professional risks, but also from’s particularly low insurance rates.

Insurance Against First-party Claims

In addition to third-party damages, Professional Indemnity Insurance for Accountants also insures certain first-party claims from accountants. These include costly losses of written documents or cyber and data risks (optional add-on), for example.

Protect Against Financial Losses

Accounting errors often lead to negative financial consequences for customers called financial losses. That’s why protection against “purely financial losses” is included in our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Accountants as standard.

General Liability Insurance

Property damage caused by accountants, when working at a customer’s office for example, is not uncommon. That’s why our integrated General Liability Insurance also gives you the best possible protection against property damage and personal injuries in just such a setting.

Why choose

  • Talk to a real person - no call centre!
  • We know what your daily worklife is like, meaning we know what you need
  • Our insurance conditions are tailored to your business
  • We handle your damages immediately
  • We make sure that your insured damage event is also resolved!
  • We also insure against unusual risks (e.g. contract liability, contract penalties)
When doubts become expensive certainties

When Accounting Mistakes Become Costly

Accountants are usually in direct contact with the management of a company, but it’s not just management that relies on the figures provided by the accountant. Other company departments are usually connected to financial accounting as well, meaning that often the results of the work done by Accounts are what the Controlling Team use for information too. As a result, professional mishaps in accounting can have serious consequences. Even minor reporting errors, forms being filled out incorrectly or deadlines being missed can cause major financial damages for your customers, which you might ultimately be held responsible for as the accountant. Your customer might demand compensation from you for the financial loss incurred.

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Dear Mr Galla, Being able to rely on your insurance in case of damages is truly wonderful. My experience in this area had not been all that good to this point.
But exali showed me that not all insurance companies are like that. I will definitely recommend this insurance product to others.
Daniel Lemmerz
ADL, exali customer since 2010
I am really very positively surprised by the competence and reliability shown by exali. My claim was settled quickly and easily with perfect service. I really would recommend this insurance to everyone. Many Thanks!
Sören Zschoche, Co-founder / Managing Director
Ajaska GmbH, exali customer since 2013
exali has been looking out for us for over 6 years, and we feel we are in very good hands. When a damage event occurred, it was clarified quickly and handled without complications. We would recommend exali without reservation and have already done so several times!
Simon Eberhardt, Managing Director
ideenhunger media GmbH, exali customer since 2012
After the damage event was reported, the case was resolved and settled within a week. Thank you for the quick and uncomplicated help and the great advice! We definitely recommend exali! The personal contact is great. Kind regards from the hazel team
Bianca Wengenroth
hazel, graphic + design, exali customer since 2010

Comprehensive Coverage: Professional Indemnity Insurance for Croatian Accountants

Even seasoned professionals can sometimes make mistakes. The tiniest of errors in a calculation can result in costly financial consequences for the injured party. As an accountant from Croatia, unless you want to be held liable with your personal assets and put your existence as a freelancer at risk, you should make sure you have comprehensive protection in the form of our special Professional Indemnity Insurance for Accountants. In an emergency, you can inform your insurer immediately, after which they will review damage compensation claims; if claims are justified, the insurer bears the costs up to your agreed sum insured or, if claims are not justified, your insurer will reject thee professionally at its own expense (passive legal expenses insurance).

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