Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Scope of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions gives you comprehensive coverage as a freelancer working in IT, media or consulting. Some of the things you’re protected against include:

All-risk Coverage (Worldwide)

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions is structured according to the “all-risk principle” and generally insures freelancers or start-ups and companies against liability risks without the need for an exhaustive “catalogue” of each individual risk – plus, all of this worldwide.

Blanket Coverage for Your Profession with Our Professional Indemnity Insurance

Because insured activities are structured as blanket (inclusive) coverage for your profession, there are no restrictions on insurance coverage for new activities after the start of your insurance.

Contractual and Public Liability

In addition to statutory (legal) liability, your insurance also covers claims based on limitation of liability regulations in your contracts, as well as public liability claims.

No-fault Liability

You also get insurance protection for deliveries and performances (e.g. provider services) which you are liable for regardless of fault based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Lump-sum Compensation

Claims for compensation that are brought as a lump-sum based on contractual agreements without concrete proof of damages are also insured.

Delay in Performance

Damages caused by delays to a project are insured, including lost profit and unsuccessful expenditure suffered by the customer.

Infringements of Rights (e.g. IP rights, patent rights and copyrights)

Infringements of copyrights, trademark rights, licence rights, domain rights, and naming and personal rights are insured without any conditions.

Infringements of patent rights are automatically covered with a sum insured of up to €100.000.

Completed Projects Also Insured (Pre-sale)

You also get insurance protection for completed projects. That means: Damages that occur after the start of your insurance are insured even if the activities that caused the damages were performed beforehand (with no time limit).

Confidentiality Obligations (Including Contract Penalties)

Claims for compensation and contract penalties due to violation of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, as well as violations of data protection agreements are insured.

Violations of Competition Law and Unfair Advertising

You also get insurance protection for claims based on violations of competition law and anti-trust law, as well as unfair advertising.

Publication Risk Damages

Your insurance also covers risks arising from publishing your own content (e.g. on your company website, on social media or on blogs).

Data Law Violations and Third-party Cyber Damages

Your insurance covers damage caused by unintentionally passing on malware, infringement of data protection laws such as the GDPR, and third-party access to data when using the internet (e.g. information piracy), for example.

Testing Clause Waiver

Property damage and financial losses caused by products or performances that have not been tested properly or in line with the “state of the art” are never excluded.

Aerial Drones

Our general and personal liability insurance also includes protection in case you use aerial drones for company purposes (up to max. 5 kg including camera).

Overlapping Activities also Insured

Activities as an advertising agency/media agency, as well as commercial and business management consultancy, are also insured at no extra premium, even if you are mainly active in the IT sector.

Legal Protection in Criminal Cases

In the case of a damage event, your insurer will also cover solicitor’s fees and court attendance expenses for your defence.

Remuneration of Legal Protection

Court costs are covered if you have to defend yourself against unjustified claims for compensation using your outstanding receivables (service or work wages).

Special First-party Claim Insurance

Insures damages to your reputation (including through the dissemination of fake news), loss of important written working documents, and costs for loss of your own domain name rights or the power of disposition over your own homepage.

Freely selectable optional Modules

First-party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC)

Insures first-party claims related to hacker attacks, DoS attacks, cyber extortion, computer abuse, theft of data carriers and any other data infringements.

Engineering Activities (ENG)

Extends coverage to the insured engineering services, insofar as these are provided in a supporting and/or consulting capacity.

Note: You can also book one or both of these additional modules online at any time in your customer area "My exali".