Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Activities Insured under Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions generally insures the self-employed, freelancers, service providers, consultants and companies. Due to the principle of blanket coverage for your profession, all activities in the above-mentioned areas that are not explicitly excluded in the insurance conditions are insured. The following list of insured activities is therefore only an example:

Examples of Insured IT Activities:

Programming & Development

Programmer, PLC programmer, IT engineer, EDP engineer, computer scientist, open source developer, Java developer, Java enterprise developer (JEE, J2EE), Lotus Notes developer, SAP developer, iOS / Android developer, mobile app developers, database developers, web developers, hardware developers, Sharepoint specialists, database administrators (e.g. Oracle), IT testers/test specialists (software)

IT Consulting & IT Management

(Senior/Junior) IT consultants, SAP consultants, Oracle consultants, CRM consultants, IT consultants/EDP consultants, BI consultants, business analysts (IT, EDP), system analysts, IT project managers/change managers, IT project managers, IT interim managers, process optimizers, SEO/SEM consultants, data managers, IT experts, external data protection officers

Web, IT & Telecommunication Service

IT service providers, EDP service providers, TC service providers, internet providers, cloud computing specialists, SaaS specialists, data centres, data centre operators, data processing companies, internet service providers, web service providers, internet agencies, online service providers, web server administrators, web hosts, hosters, eCommerce specialists, VoIP experts

Network & Trade

Hardware manufacturers, hardware dealers, hardware supervisors, network administrators, system administrators, network specialists, IT specialists, PC technicians, software dealers, license dealers

Examples of Insured Activities in the Media Sector:

Web & Web Design

Web designer/web developer (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), programmer (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl), (open source) CMS developer, frontend developer, iOS developer/Android developer, app developer, internet designer, flash designer, animation designer, screen designer, user interface designer (UID), communication designer, banner designer, media designer, web server administrator

Graphics, Film & Art

Graphic designer, commercial artist, logo designer, 3D designer, art director, illustrator, photographer, photo designer, picture agency (footage), audio designer, sound engineer, lighting technician, sound designer, composer, freelance cameraman, film production manager, image and advertising film producer, director, painter, sculptor, digital artist, media and concept artist, musician, conductor, singer, DJ, composer, actor, writer, poet, author

Text & Content

(Online/multimedia) editor, blogger, journalist, ghostwriter, editor, content manager, screenwriter, freelance writer, copywriter, freelance copywriter, proofreader, editor, interpreter/translator, software localizer

Marketing, Consulting and PR

SEO consultant, search engine optimiser (Onpage/Offpage), SEM consultant, SEA consultant, affiliate consultant, conversion optimiser, usability consultant, social media consultant, online marketing consultant, online marketing manager, performance marketing manager, internet marketing manager, internet marketer, (online) media consultant, web consultant, (online) sales consultant, advertising consultant, media consultant, PR consultant, PR manager, event manager and planner


Publishing of own books and eBooks in so-called (but not third-party works and own works in the Boulevard area).

Insurance coverage also exists for activities as a temporary manager/interim manager in the insured media sector.

Examples of Insured Media Agencies

  • Advertising agency, marketing agency, PR agency
  • Online marketing agency, e.g. in the areas of affiliate marketing, retargeting, SEO, SEM, CRO, social media
  • Internet agency, e.g. in the areas of web design, web development, applications, programming, hosting
  • Event agency, e.g. in the areas of event planning, organisation and support in the implementation of events
  • Graphic design agency, e.g. in the areas of graphic design (digital & print), corporate design, logo development (CI), illustration, photography
  • Communications agency, e.g. in the areas of public relations, corporate publishing, editing
  • Text agency, e.g. in the areas of communication, research, editing, proofreading, translation, corporate publishing
  • Image agency (footage) as well as agencies in the areas of CGI, image and advertising film production
  • Artist agency, e.g. in the area of placement of filmmakers, actors or other artists
  • Filmmaking, e.g. in the areas of production management, camera work and sound engineering
  • Self-publishing, e.g. publication of books and e-books.

Examples of Insured Activities as a Marketing Agency:

  • Cross-media marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing (partner programmes), retargeting, display advertising, target group marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) , Facebook marketing, conversion optimisation, brand core analysis, brand building and branding
  • Online market research, image analysis, trade survey, advertising pre-tests, advertising mail tests, trend studies, competition analyses, market studies, data collection and data analysis
  • Advertising and image films, audio design, audio production, sound design, radio spots, telephone announcements, waiting queues

Examples of Insured Consulting Activities

Business Consultant

Business consultant (economic and business management consultancy), (senior) consultant, business and management consultant, (business) analyst, controller, strategy consultant, organisational and development consultant, process consultant, logistics consultant, (turnaround) management consultant, management auditor, foreign trade consultant (including political lobbying), state-recognised/certified energy consultant

Human Resources Consultants and Intermediaries

HR consultants (including preparation of psychological reports), recruiters, personnel service providers (including temporary employment), personnel developers, personnel controllers, headhunters, recruiters, e-recruiters, recruiting process managers, outsourcing consultants

Market and Opinion Researchers

Market researcher and pollster, market research analyst (not bank and investment sector)

Interim Manager and Project Manager

Interim manager (without liability of bodies), external program manager, product manager, quality manager (QM/TQM/EFQM), outsourcing manager, auditor, test manager, project manager, project manager, project controller, project assistant


Freelance instructor (e.g. training courses, seminars), trainer, coach, mediator, business mediator, moderator, supervisor

External Specialist for Occupational Safety

External specialists and consultants for occupational safety and industrial safety (e.g. occupational safety, fire protection, environmental protection and machine protection)

Health and Safety Coordinator

External specialist such as safety and health protection coordinators

Operations Officer for Environmental Protection

External representative for the development, planning, supervision, control and testing in all areas of operational environmental protection and waste disposal

External Data Protection Officer / EU Data Protection Representative

External data protection officer, EU data protection representative, data protection advisor

Examples of Insured Service Provider Activities

  • Detective agencies
  • Virtual assistance
  • Fitness trainer
  • Yoga instructor
  • Office service company
  • Accountant
  • Motor vehicle appraiser

Examples of Insured Engineering Activities

(optional, can be selected as an additional module in the online calculator)

  • Hardware and software development in the machine and plant sector
  • embedded software
  • machine and plant testing
  • support during commissioning
  • quality management and assurance
  • technical drawings and design (CAD, CAM)technical management consultancy (in particular purchasing, strategy, process design)
  • activities as an technical expert