Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Show Your Clients You’re a True Professional

with the Liability Seal! But do your prospective customers and clients know that? The exali Liability Seal creates transparency. Customers and clients who look you up on the internet will see the exali Liability Seal and know instantly that, should they ever suffer a damage event, you will be a consummate professional and partner and will solve any issues that arise quickly.

Liability Insurance Seal

What the Exali Liability Seal Does for You

1. In Competitive Situations

Professional proof of your professional indemnity insurance. Your Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions offers:

  • Comprehensive insurance protection tailored to your industry
  • High levels of coverage for financial losses that typically occur in your industry
  • Generally proof that you have not been responsible for damages for the past five years
  • Markel as a financially strong and experienced specialist insurer

2. In Marketing and Acquisition

advertising is part of business. If you’re a successful self-marketer, the exali Liability Seal is here to help:

  • Score points with potential clients with your open-door policy.
  • More and more clients are demanding proof of special professional indemnity or general liability insurance as soon as they put out a call for tenders; with the Liability Seal, you can give them this proof instantly with just one click.
  • Trustworthy, reliable, seriousness: With industry-specific professional indemnity insurance, you can show that you’re a professional service provider and grab yourself a great position on the market.
The personalized profile page for the Liability Seal supports you with search engine marketing. Potential clients receive important additional information through the company description and the assignment of tags. You and your offer will be found better by search engines.

3. When Fulfilling the Legal Requirements According to the DLG

With the exali Liability Seal, you can quickly, transparently and comprehensively meet the information requirements.

Legal notice: The exali Liability Seals are registered trademarks of exali AG