Professional Indemnity for Vehicle Appraisers from Croatia

As a vehicle appraiser, you can take out professional indemnity insurance to protect yourself against the financial consequences of professional errors. Regardless of whether it’s a traffic accident or the appraisal of a classic car: Your technical expertise is in demand and your clients trust in your correct assessment. Errors in an expert opinion can cause extensive damage and, in the worst case, endanger people’s health. With Professional Indemnity Insurance from exali, you are comprehensively protected as Croatian vehicle appraiser and are not liable with your private assets for professional errors.
Professional indemnity for vehicle appraisers
from € 133,10 net p.a.

Optimal Protection for Vehicle Experts: Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

  • Comprehensive protection against claims for compensation
  • Errors in expert opinions are covered.
  • Property damage and personal injury are also insured.
  • Examination and defence of claims (passive legal expenses insurance)
  • Expandable with additional add-on
  • Instant insurance coverage with online sign up
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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
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Indemnity Insurance Seal for your Principals

  • Individual and comprehensive insurance protection
  • High coverage sums for financial losses
  • No-claims evidence going back five years

Regardless of whether you are preparing a damage report after a car accident, determining the value of a classic car or accepting and entering a conversion on a tuning vehicle: As a vehicle appraiser, you have a great deal of responsibility. Owners often love their cars dearly, and disputes about the value are not uncommon. With Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions at exali, you are comprehensively protected and have someone at your side in the event of a claim.

Protection in Case of Financial Losses

As a vehicle appraiser, you are the point of contact for private customers, insurance companies or courts when it comes to damage reports, appraisals or TÜV-relevant entries. Financial losses can happen quickly in your everyday work and lead to high claims for damages. If you are asked to appraise a classic car and overlook just one small detail, it can have a drastic effect on the value of the car. If the buyer ends up paying too much due to your mistake, they can demand the sum back from you as compensation.

Protection Against Property Damage

Scratches on cars are annoying, expensive and can happen faster than you would like. Thanks to the integrated General Liability Insurance, you are also comprehensively protected in the event of property damage. You drive the customer’s car onto the lift to inspect it from below. And in the process you scratch the rim against the lift. The customer wants you to replace the rim. In the event of a damage event, your personal contact from exali customer service is there for you and handles the claim quickly.

Passive Legal Expenses Insurance

If this should happen, you can benefit from the Passive Legal Expenses Insurance in our Professional Indemnity for Vehicle Appraisers. The insurer will check at its own expense whether claims against you are justified and appropriate in terms of the amount (e.g. in the event of a fine due to an incorrect legal notice on your website). The benefit for you: The insurer takes over communication with the other party, and you don’t have to handle the claim yourself. If the other party’s claim is justified, it will be accepted; otherwise, it will be defended against.

Personal Injury Is Covered

In the event of personal injury, you are also covered by professional indemnity for vehicle appraisers. If for example, a customer falls into the pit in your workshop because you didn’t properly secure it and he breaks his leg, the insurer will pay for the medical treatment of the injured person if you are responsible for the accident. Insurance coverage is available no matter where you work: Whether in your office, in a partner workshop or when you are reconstructing the course of an accident on the street.

Third-party Cyber Damage Is Also Insured

As a vehicle expert, you write expert opinions and appraisals for customers, courts or insurance companies. If a virus infiltrates your IT systems unnoticed, it can also spread to your customers’ computers via email, for example, and cause major damage. Cyber criminals can also block or delete important data on your computer (e.g. valuation reports for insolvency proceedings). If your customers suffer financial damage as a result, you may be liable for it. Third-party cyber damage is covered by Professional Indemnity for Vehicle Appraisers. The insurer bears the costs for cleaning up the infected systems of your customers, for data recovery (e.g. for IT forensics) and for the use of third-party IT systems.

Expandable with Additional Add-on

As a vehicle appraiser, you have to look at each vehicle individually. Why should things be any different for your professional security? You can expand your Professional Indemnity Insurance for Vehicle Appraisers with the optional FPC add-on and adapt your insurance coverage to your needs. First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC) covers cyber damage (such as viruses, data loss or Trojans) that occurs to you (first-party claim).


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Business Start-up Discount for Croatian Vehicle Appraisers

Advantages for Start-ups:

As a vehicle appraiser from Croatia, you mostly work as a freelancer or, for example, are employed by an insurance company. If you want to set up your own company or have only recently set it up, you benefit from particularly favourable conditions for Professional Indemnity Insurance for Vehicle Appraisers.

If you have founded or started your company or your freelance work within the last 12 months, you will receive a 15% discount on your annual premium in the first two years of the insurance.

If you choose an insurance term of 3 years, you will receive an additional 10% discount.

Professional indemnity for vehicle appraisers

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Dear Mr Galla, Being able to rely on your insurance in case of damages is truly wonderful. My experience in this area had not been all that good to this point.
But exali showed me that not all insurance companies are like that. I will definitely recommend this insurance product to others.
Daniel Lemmerz
ADL, exali customer since 2010
I am really very positively surprised by the competence and reliability shown by exali. My claim was settled quickly and easily with perfect service. I really would recommend this insurance to everyone. Many Thanks!
Sören Zschoche, Co-founder / Managing Director
Ajaska GmbH, exali customer since 2013
exali has been looking out for us for over 6 years, and we feel we are in very good hands. When a damage event occurred, it was clarified quickly and handled without complications. We would recommend exali without reservation and have already done so several times!
Simon Eberhardt, Managing Director
ideenhunger media GmbH, exali customer since 2012
After the damage event was reported, the case was resolved and settled within a week. Thank you for the quick and uncomplicated help and the great advice! We definitely recommend exali! The personal contact is great. Kind regards from the hazel team
Bianca Wengenroth
hazel, graphic + design, exali customer since 2010

The Risks You Face as a Vehicle Appraiser from Croatia

In everyday professional life, you can make mistakes as a Croatian vehicle appraiser, which can lead to high claims for compensation. With Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions, you are protected from the financial consequences of professional errors and don’t have to pay with your private assets if you are confronted with claims for compensation.

Professional indemnity for vehicle appraisers


An error has crept into the legal notice on your website. A competitor turns to her lawyer and sends you a letter threatening legal action because of the error. You have to pay compensation and sign a cease and desist declaration subject to penalties. In doing so, you undertake not to repeat the violation in the future. Otherwise you will have to pay the agreed contractual penalty.

Potential Damage Events for Vehicle Appraisers

Someone wants to buy a vintage car as an investment. He asks you to draw up an appraisal in which the condition and market value of the classic car are determined in order to make the purchase decision easier. You create the appraisal and the investor is convinced of the value of the car and signs the sales contract. In the aftermath, however, it unfortunately turns out that replacement parts were installed in the interior of the classic car that do not correspond to the originals. Taking this into account, the value of the classic car is significantly lower than that attested in the appraisal. The investor demands compensation from you because, based on your appraisal, they paid too much for the car and it is no longer in its original condition.

An insurance company commissions you to create an expert opinion on the damage after a traffic accident. The policyholder is provided with a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair work. Due to your high work load and an absent employee, you miss the deadline set by the insurance company to hand over the expert opinion, including a cost estimate and expected repair time. That means that the policyholder has to wait longer for her car to be repaired. Because the replacement car is now in use longer than planned, the insurance company demands that you reimburse them for the additional costs.

You are appraising a a customer’s expensive sports car and are supposed to check it for the upcoming TÜV test. In the process, you accidentally scratch the paintwork of the car with a key attached to your trousers. You have to pay for the damage to the property.

A customer comes to your test hall to pick up his vehicle. He trips over a tire that is in the way and falls into the pit. He breaks his arm and demands compensation from you because you did not properly secure your workshop.

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