Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Markel Insurance SE Experienced Specialty Insurer

We developed the Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions and the online rate offered on in close cooperation with the financial loss insurer Markel in Munich. As an international specialty insurer, Markel has decades of experience in insuring against professional risks.

Special Rate for Customers through Markel

The team of underwriters and product specialists at Markel in Munich has an excellent reputation. Since 2013, we have been insuring freelancers and self-employed people from the IT, media and consulting sectors with a special coverage concept at particularly favourable conditions through Markel.

The know-how and the service in claims processing are excellent. This is due on the one hand to the experience in the international insurance market and on the other hand to the focus on special risks such as IT experts, consulting professions, media agencies and service providers.

Since we as an insurance broker are increasingly confronted with the need for global insurance protection for our customers, Markel, with its international expertise and the worldwide insurance protection it offers, is the first choice for us.

Background Information on the Insurer Markel


Specialty insurer Markel

Markel (Insurance SE), based in the Bavarian capital Munich, is a German insurer with origins in the USA. As a specialty insurer for commercial and industrial risks, Markel has many years of experience in dealing with complex risks.

The insurer Markel, which also includes Markel’s own Syndicate 3000 (insurer at Lloyd’s of London), is an international specialty insurer that currently writes a premium volume of around $ 9.5 billion (as of 2020).

Markel currently operates in 37 locations around the world, e.g. in England, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, China and Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA and Canada. Markel is licensed as an insurer in all European countries, in 47 states of the USA as well as the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands.

Overview of Facts and Figures about Markel

  • Founded in 1930 by Sam A. Markel
  • Premium volume (2020): $ 9.5 billion
  • Market value: over $ 10 billion
  • Employees worldwide: 18,600.
  • Financial strength rating: Markel Insurance SE
    A.M. Best: A (Excellent)