Professional Indemnitiy for Digital Professions

Engineering Activities (ENG)

The optional Engineering Insurance (ENG) extends cover to engineering activities (consulting and supporting engineering services).

Insured engineering activities

Engineering Insurance provides blanket coverage. This means that all engineering services are covered without the need for an exhaustive list in the insurance terms and conditions. The activities listed in the "Engineering" endorsement are therefore merely illustrative examples:

  • Hardware and software development in the field of machinery and plant, embedded software
  • Machine and system testing, support for the commissioning process
  • Quality management and assurance
  • technical design (CAD, CAM), engineering drawings
  • technical management consultancy (in particular purchasing, strategy, process design, technical consultancy activities)
  • technical expert

Requirements for Engineering Insurance

As the scope of activities is very broad due to blanket coverage, insurance cover can only be provided under these conditions:
  • You are providing services and support but are not responsible for the final result.
  • You are not responsible for the final engineering product, systems, machines or other parts.
  • You provide the engineering services in a supporting and/or advisory capacity.
  • No machines, plants, final engineering products or other parts shall be put into series production directly and without approval and acceptance by the principal (keyword: final sign-off).

Advantages of engineering insurance

  • Very comprehensive coverage including
    • legal & contractual liability
    • project delays & loss of profit
    • breach of confidentiality obligations & data protection laws
    • Pre-insurancecoverage)
  • Projects with „mixed“ activities (engineering & IT/ICT) also insured
  • No clause for insufficient experiments or testing
  • No „state of the art“ clause
  • No exclusion in the PI coverage for defence and aerospace risks
  • Worldwide coverage with special provisions for USA

Do you need the Engineering Clause for your IT Liability?

You need it if you perform consulting and supporting activities in the engineering sector. For example, as a technical engineer, designer (CAD, CAM) or technical draftsman.

Because the engineering clause you choose is integrated in our comprehensive IT-coverage, risks arising from IT activities are automatically insured at no extra premium. This can be an advantage when IT and engineering activities overlap in projects.

You can take out this special exali coverage, which has been tried and tested on European IT and engineering projects for over ten years.

Insured sums and deductible

The insured sums and the deductible for engineering activities are the same as the sums you selected in the premium calculator for the financial loss liability.