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A general liability insurance in Croatia covers operational and professional risks: offers exceptional protection and high sums insured for personal injuries and property damage as well as financial loss.

In just one liability concept - for freelancers, the self-employed, companies and their employees - exali General Liability Insurance protects everyone involved if expensive damages occur due to mistakes or mishaps in one's own office, with customers, at trade fairs or on business trips. The big advantage of insurances: The premium for general liability at is very cheap due to the combination with financial loss liability in the basic coverage.


IT and Engineering
(e.g. programmer, software developer, system administrator)
IT and Engineering
Media and Creative
(e.g. media agencies, graphic designers)
Media and Creative
(e.g. business consultants, data protection officers)
Other Service Professions
(e.g. experts, accountants, virtual assistants and personal trainers)
Other Service Professions

What is a General Liability Insurance in Croatia?

in Croatia General liability insurance or general liability is the collective term for all liability insurances that cover operational liability risks. Since professional activities in the service sector are mostly carried out in offices, the insurance is also often referred to as office liability or business and general liability. In principle, General Liability Insurance offers protection if claims are brought against you by a third party (e.g. customer or principal) for personal injuries, property damage and the resulting financial loss (consequential financial loss). The General Liability Insurance especially covers damage that occurs in the office, on site at the customer’s, on business trips or at trade fairs and exhibitions.

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The General Liability Insurance from offers very comprehensive protection against occupational liability risks posed by personal injuries, property damage and consequential losses in Croatia. The following benefits are generally insured under general liability: The so-called permanent establishment risk, liability for products and services (also known as product liability) as well as environmental liability and environmental damage insurance.

Since in most Croatian IT, media, consulting and service professions pure financial losses frequently occur in addition to personal injuries and property damage (which are covered by general liability), also offers Financial Loss Liability Insurance as part of the basic coverage. This can be expanded by a freely selectable add-on module. As a result, the scope of insurance can be individually adapted to the respective risk situation of the freelancer, self-employed person or the company.

General liability benefits
Difference between general liability and professional indemnity

The term ‘professional indemnity’ is to be understood as an overarching term for indemnity insurance that covers the professional liability risks of a self-employed person or freelancer. Depending on the industry and risk situation, professional indemnity insurance can include a general liability insurance (coverage for personal injuries and property damage as well as consequential loss) as well as financial loss liability insurance (coverage for pure financial losses).

At, the general liability insurance in Croatia is usually offered in combination with financial loss liability insurance in the basic coverage so that all relevant risks and the resulting types of damage are covered.

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Dear Mr Galla, Being able to rely on your insurance in case of damages is truly wonderful. My experience in this area had not been all that good to this point.
But exali showed me that not all insurance companies are like that. I will definitely recommend this insurance product to others.
Daniel Lemmerz
ADL, exali customer since 2010
I am really very positively surprised by the competence and reliability shown by exali. My claim was settled quickly and easily with perfect service. I really would recommend this insurance to everyone. Many Thanks!
Sören Zschoche, Co-founder / Managing Director
Ajaska GmbH, exali customer since 2013
exali has been looking out for us for over 6 years, and we feel we are in very good hands. When a damage event occurred, it was clarified quickly and handled without complications. We would recommend exali without reservation and have already done so several times!
Simon Eberhardt, Managing Director
ideenhunger media GmbH, exali customer since 2012
After the damage event was reported, the case was resolved and settled within a week. Thank you for the quick and uncomplicated help and the great advice! We definitely recommend exali! The personal contact is great. Kind regards from the hazel team
Bianca Wengenroth
hazel, graphic + design, exali customer since 2010

Quick Facts about General Liability in Croatia

General Liability Insurance in Croatia - for Whom?

In the Croatian IT, media, service and consulting sectors in particular, even small errors can cause major damage to customers or other third parties. That is why general liability in combination with liability insurance for financial losses is one of the most important insurances for the self-employed, even if it is not required by law for every industry (compulsory insurance). A general liability insurance covers the liability risks of the respective industry and thus protects the existence of the freelancer and the survival of the company.

Protection Against ‘Human Errors’

In the complex modern world of work under the sign of the World Wide Web and digitisation, it is not surprising that professional errors occur. In contrast to the past, however, the risk has increased that a small ‘human error’ can cause much greater damage in the digital world. Croatian Freelancers and the self-employed are often more extensively liable than they suspect. In the worst case, damages put the private assets or the corporate assets of a corporation at risk. General liability insurance makes these risks calculable.

Personal Injuries and Property Damage

At, General Liability Insurance is part of the basic coverage in order to provide comprehensive insurance for personal injuries, property damage and consequential losses. The causes of damage range from damage caused by incorrectly performed work to damage to rental property and to orders on site at the customer’s or on a business trip. However, since financial losses also occur in many service professions (over 90 percent of cases depending on the industry), also offers financial loss liability as an important add-on.

Deductible Amount

The deductible (also called excess) depends on the industry for which the General Liability Insurance is taken out. The average deductible for property damage is 250 euros per damage event. No deductible is to pay for personal injuries. Which deductibles apply to you is shown transparently in the premium calculator on

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Which Damages does the General Liability Insurance Generally Cover?

The General Liability Insurance from offers comprehensive coverage for the following types of damage:

  • Property damage: This concerns the damaging, destruction or loss of an item. Example: An IT employee damages the server's motherboard during maintenance work.
  • Personal injuries: This includes injuries or damage to the health of people. Example: During a photoshoot, a person is injured by falling lighting equipment.
  • Consequential financial loss: This concerns consequential losses following personal injuries or property damage. Due to the damaged motherboard from the first property damage example, the server cannot be rebooted for 1.5 days. The result is a loss of sales for the customer (consequential damage).

What Risks are Covered by General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance generally insures operational risks through owed services or products as well as the operation of an office, an agency or a law firm. When looking at the private sphere, it can best be compared with private liability insurance, with the difference being that in these cases risks of the business environment are covered. These are, for example:

  • Personal injuries and property damage due to faulty service provision
  • Damages on business trips, at trade fairs, exhibitions or events (worldwide)
  • Damage to rented office space or event rooms (rental property damage)
  • Damage in the organisation and execution of seminars or training courses
  • Damage caused by the professional operation of aerial drones up to 5 kilograms (including camera)
  • Damage of items in the care of the insured that are rented, leased or borrowed for up to 6 months
  • Personal injuries and property damage at customer appointments
  • Product liability damage (guaranteed properties)
  • Loss of customer keys and code cards
  • Damages to third-party property due to activities
  • Environmental liability damages

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Frequent Questions about General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance from in Croatia

If you want to insure experts, you have to be an expert yourself. At, we have been working according to this motto since its founding in 2008. We offer specially tailored insurances for professions that can be found in the IT, creative and consulting areas, for example. We focus on information, education and support.

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