Professional Indemnity for Web Designers in Croatia

As a Croatian freelance web designer, you can protect yourself from the costly consequences of professional mistakes with professional indemnity insurance. When creating landing pages and web shops, mistakes can quickly occur that may delay the go-live or worse. You also work with images, layouts and logos and therefore bear the risks associated with infringements of rights (copyright, trademark and image rights). With Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions, you can protect yourself against these risks and keep a clear head for your creative work.
Professional Indemnity for Web Designers
€ 133,10 net p.a.

All-round Protection with Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

  • Protection in the event of infringements of rights (e.g. copyright, trademark or image rights and data protection violations)
  • Many activities are also insured without an additional premium (e.g. web development, app development, writing, blogging, etc.)
  • Third-party cyber damage is covered.
  • Insurance can be expanded with an add-on to meet your needs.
  • Favourable premiums (discount for business start-ups)
  • Instant insurance protection with online sign up
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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal!
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Indemnity Insurance Seal for your Principals

  • Individual and comprehensive insurance protection
  • High coverage sums for financial losses
  • No-claims evidence going back five years


Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions is the perfect insurance for web designers from Croatia. In everyday professional life, mistakes happen quickly and can often result in high claims for compensation. Regardless of whether you create a one-pager in WordPress for the shop around the corner or move an online shop from Magento to Spryker: With Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions, you are comprehensively covered in the event of professional errors. The insurer will investigate at its own expense whether claims against you are justified. Justified claims are paid, and unjustified ones are defended against. In the event of a damage event, your personal contact from exali customer service is there for you and handles the claim quickly and professionally.

Financial Losses Are Insured

Did you create a logo that looks too similar to another? Did you use a colour scheme on a website that is protected as a registered trademark? If you have infringed someone’s rights, a claim for compensation is not long in coming. If you screw up a project for your customer, claims for compensation can quickly threaten your company’s existence, especially for you as a freelance web designer. With Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions, you are protected in the event of financial loss. The insurer steps in for you and pays justified claims for compensation. They also defend against unjustified claims.

Personal Injuries and Property Damage Are Insured

Have you rented office space in Zagreb? The integrated general and personal liability insurance covers damage to rented office space (e.g. loss of keys). Are you visiting your client in Split to discuss the details of a job? Personal injuries and damage to property are also insured in this case through Professional Indemnity. Regardless of whether you accidentally knock your client’s laptop off the table or slam the door on an employee: The insurer pays for personal injuries and property damage and the cost of the replacement device or medical treatment. Thanks to global coverage, you are insured no matter where you are working.


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Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions: As Flexible as Your Work

As a Croatian web designer, you are at home with WordPress, Joomla and Typo3. You not only rely on HTML, XML and CSS, but also offer your clients other services. Whether you write the editorial texts for the website yourself or take photos of products: Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions includes job descriptions and therefore covers all activities that are not explicitly excluded in the insurance conditions. This allows you to stay as flexible as possible while still having comprehensive protection.

Examples of Insured Activities:

  • Photographer
  • App developer
  • Editor
  • Media designer
  • Web administrator
  • SEO consultant
  • Blogger
  • Graphic artist
Web Designer Indemnity Insurance

Additional Add-on: Data Protection and First-party Cyber and Data Risks Coverage (FPC)

Professional Indemnity for Web Designers


Third-party cyber damage is covered by Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions. Your own systems can also be attacked by hackers or infected by malware. With the First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC) add-on, you are protected against the financial consequences of viruses, ransomware or data loss. The insurer pays the costs for IT forensics specialists who rid your systems of the malware and try to restore the lost data. The costs for using third-party IT systems are also covered. The insurer strives to get you back to work as quickly as possible.


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Why choose

  • Talk to a real person - no call centre!
  • We know what your daily worklife is like, meaning we know what you need
  • Our insurance conditions are tailored to your business
  • We handle your damages immediately
  • We make sure that your insured damage event is also resolved!
  • We also insure against unusual risks (e.g. contract liability, contract penalties)

Risks for Croatian Web Designers: Examples of Damage

  • A client from Zagreb wants you to completely redesign their website. You change the layout, colours and insert images from a supposedly public-domain database. It turns out that the images are copyrighted and you don’t have the licensing rights you need. The site operator sues and demands compensation for damages.
  • Your client has moved their company and would like to take this opportunity to redesign their website. You updated the site with new and more modern WordPress template, but forgot to insert the new address in the legal notice. The site operator receives a fine for the incorrect information and takes recourse against you for the damages.
Professional Indemnity Insurance for Web Designers
  • You advise an agency from Split on an upcoming project and recommend a Typo3 template. After the agency has purchased the template, it turns out that it does not meet all their requirements. You are held liable for the costs incurred.
  • For the relaunch of a website, you are supposed to provide the site operator with layouts and designs. But you are seriously behind with your work. As a result, the site operator misses out on sales because the new site can’t go live. You are held responsible for damages.

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