Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Advantages of Professional Indemnity Insurance in Case of First-party Claims

In addition to third-party damages where a third party, such as your customer, suffers damage, our professional indemnity insurance for digital professions also covers certain first-party claims.

Damage Examples of First-party Claims

First-party Claims Arising from Changes to your Website

Your own website is changed or blocked by a hacker attack or a DoS attack.

Insurance protection: Our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions covers the costs necessary for removing the change or block from your website.

Your sum insured is €300.000 per damage event.

Legal Protection in Criminal Cases

You are charged with a criminal offence in connection with a claim regarding infringements of data protection law.

Insurance protection: If criminal proceedings are related to a possible damage event, our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions also covers any court attendance expenses and defence costs.

Your sum insured is €300.000 per damage event.

Remuneration of Legal Protection

Your client clearly doesn’t want to pay the last instalment for a project. They justify this by alleging damages and deduct these from your outstanding invoice (so-called offsetting).

Insurance protection: Our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions covers the costs of the proceedings (solicitor’s fees, court, attendance expenses, expert’s fees and witness costs) and costs for the judicial enforcement of the undisputed fee or wage that is due.

Compensation is limited to €300.000 per insured event.

First-party Claims due to Violations of Data Protection Law, Hacking and Other Cybercrime

You host your own applications, including your website, on a server cluster. Hackers gain access through a security loophole. You notice this when you spot hacking tools in the Apache log files when you experience performance problems on the server.

Insurance protection: With our optional add-on, “First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC), your insurer pays the costs for a professional forensic investigation of how badly your systems have been affected by the hack attack and whether any data have been exposed, and if so, determine which data is affected. Should customers also claim compensation in this regard (because their systems are also affected, for example), these are also insured. Necessary credit monitoring measures are also covered in the event that credit card data has been stolen (from your customers, for example).

Compensation is limited to between 50.000 euros and 150.000 euros per insured event depending on the sum insured in your selected module.

Note: The first-party claims shown in the examples are not usually insured by conventional professional indemnity insurance.