Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Regulation for Start-ups and Other Information

Discount for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Entrepreneurs and start-ups receive a 15 percent discount on their insurance premium at This discount is automatically cancelled at the end of the second year of insurance.

  Who is Considered an Entrepreneur or Start-up?

  • Companies that were founded no more than 12 months ago.
  • Self-employed persons and freelancers who began operations no more than 12 months ago.
If you are in the 4th step of the application, and change the insurance expiry to 01.01, the start-up discount is only granted for the current calendar year (from the start of insurance until 31.12, i.e. less than 12 months) and the entire following year. If the insurance expiry is pre-assigned, you will receive the discount for two full years (= 24 months).

Regulations on Deductibles in Professional Indemnity Insurance

The deductible is 250 euros per claim for financial losses and property damage.

There is no deductible for personal injury.

Different Deductibles for Optional Add-ons:

First-Party Cyber and Data Risks Insurance (FPC)
The deductible for costs and additional costs is 1.000 euros per damage event.

Insured Lump-sums

In the case of insured lump-sums (to be assessed as a whole), the claims payments for the individual types of damage are summarised. This means that the maximum claim payment in the event of a damage event is limited to the amount of the stated sum insured.

In Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions, personal injury and property damage are insured as a flat rate, depending on the selection at 2.000.000 euros, 3.000.000 euros, 5.000.000 or 10.000.000 euros.

Maximisation of the Sum Insured

The sums insured in Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Professions for financial loss, personal injury and property damage are generally available for each damage event. The total benefit provided by the insurer for all insured events in an insurance year is limited to three times the sum insured (so-called tripple aggregation).


Amount of coverage 3.000.000 euros / tripple aggregation:
=> Per damage event, the insurer pays max. 3.000.000 euros in compensation for damages. The insurer pays a maximum of 9.000.000 euros (annual maximum) for all damage events in one (insurance) year.

Worldwide Insurance Coverage

There is worldwide insurance coverage with the following exception for the USA.

For personal injury, property damage and the resulting financial loss asserted in US courts or based on a violation of US law, insurance coverage is only provided in the following cases:

  • When participating in or carrying out business trips
  • When participating in trade fairs, exhibitions or events
  • For indirect exports of products or services to the US (an indirect export occurs when products or services have reached the US without the insured having initiated this).

The legally binding formulations can be found in the agreed insurance conditions.