Professional Indemnity for Digital Professions

Integrated Module: General Liability

General Liability Insurance is integrated in professional indemnity insurance for digital professions as an important addition to cover personal and property damage as well as resulting consequential losses. The general liability insurance, like the financial loss indemnity insurance, provides blanket coverage for your profession.

General Liability Insurance: Scope of Insurance

The insurance covers personal injury and property damage as well as consequential losses resulting from errors or defects in connection with your service or work. It also covers damage caused by your office operations or the provision of services on site at the client’s, at customer appointments, on business trips or when participating in trade fairs. The following are insured for example:

  • Damage from activities (activities involving other people’s property)
  • Rental property damage (damage to rented premises)
  • Airborne drones up to 5 kg including camera (for professional use)
  • Damage to items in the care of the insured (rented, leased, leased or borrowed third-party items for up to 6 months)
  • Comprehensive fire damage
  • Damages due to lost keys (third-party keys / code cards)
  • Damages from environmental liability

Sums Insured and Deductibles

These and many other kinds of personal injuries and property damage are insured through general liability insurance. You can choose from the following sums insured: lump-sum 2.000.000 euros, 3.000.000 euros, 5.000.000 euros or 10.000.000 euros.

The sum insured can be tripple aggregated. That means, for all claims in an insurance year, three times the amount is available for claims payments.

The deductible for property damage is 250 euros per damage event. There is no deductible for personal injury.

Deselection of General Liability Insurance

You can also forego the general liability insurance. We only recommend doing so, however, if you already have existing general liability insurance. In the long term, however, you should integrate general liability insurance into your professional indemnity insurance.